If this is incorrect, then the materials and the construction are somewhat negated.

What is the correct design?

Well that depends on the purpose of the ovens. Ovens have been designed and built over a long period of time. For many different purposes.

- Pizza

- Meats

- Breads

Just to name a few. If your purpose is commercial, then before purchasing an oven you need to start at the finished product and work backwards. The finished product will give you the design. For example: The true Napoli pizza oven is the perfect harmony of heat. Allowing pizzas to be cooked at very high temperatures [in under a minute], from the moment the oven reaches cooking temperature until you have run out of customers or dough. Serving the specific purpose, in this case “a purpose built commercial pizza oven”.

For residential ovens, I believe the purpose is somewhere in the middle. Residential ovens are primarily for families. This means cooking a variety of different foods for a varying number of people.

A residential oven will provide the client with an oven that will cater to a large audience of pizza lovers, meat lovers, bread lovers and so on.

The Design factors hugely into this

  • How Quickly the oven heats up
  • How evenly this heat gets spread throughout the oven
  • How the oven can maintain its heat
  • What the oven can be used for

Our residential oven design will give the client/owner the ability to cook the perfect pizza, slow cook your favourite joint/cut of meat, grill the perfect steak, bake bread on the following day and so on.

What is the correct design for your requirements?

This can really only be established once we develop a rapport with our client.