Massimo’s Italian Cheeses

Massimo's Italian Cheeses

Massimo’s is run by Massimo Lubisco – a multi award winning cheese maker

  • Our best pizzas are made with his Mozzarella (Silver medals 2014 Cheese award) – made with organic milk.
  • For a change his Ricotta is beautiful on traditional pizzas with some fresh basil.

He also makes Scamorza (traditional cheese from the south of Italy), Burrata (a mix of Mozzarella and cream), Blue, Provolone (sweet or spicy), and a range of other speciality cheeses.

You will never use the grated ‘pizza cheese’ from the supermarket again.

You can buy them from Farro Fresh (Auckland), New World (nationwide) and Moore Wilson's (Wellington). Or better still visit the team at their factory shop, 5 minutes from the Fuera Factory: 7 Landfill Access Rd, Dairy Flat, Auckland.