1120 “The Supremo”

The 1120 is a purpose-built Commercial Pizza Oven

As with all of our ovens, the 1120 is built from the highest quality materials. Each oven is hand made by an experienced team to ensure quality throughout construction. We provide feedback and advise the customer throughout the process, ensuring the oven you get exceeds your expectations.

Its primary function is to cook pizzas on a commercial level. This oven is designed to throw out hundreds of pizzas a day, every day, for a long period of time!

Efficiency and heat retention was the main focus for the design and extra materials used in this oven. This ensures that the oven holds an extremely long stable heat needed in the high pressure environment of a busy restaurant. The added benefit of the 1120 design is that dramatically less wood is required to keep this oven at cooking temperature that leads to increased savings.

Whilst our residential 950 ovens are used by some restaurants, the larger commercial ovens are made to order.

The 1120 Oven can be found in many restaurants across the country, including The Gables Restaurant in Russell. Pricing is done on an individual basis as requirements can change considerably. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.