850 “The Little Guy”

Our focus with this oven is performance. Designed to heat quickly, efficiently and hold a long, stable heat to suit your cooking requirements. As with all our ovens, it is built from the highest-quality materials.

Each oven is hand made by an experienced team to ensure quality throughout the construction process. Although this is our smallest oven, it has a serious output - one of these ovens can be found at The Manly Bar & Grill.

The 850 is our smallest oven and is perfectly-sized for a family

This is a very efficient oven and like our other models, comes delivered cured and ready to use. Just because it’s a smaller oven doesn't mean that we have left anything out - it’s built with the same quality components as our larger ovens and is ideal for:

• Pizza evenings with friends and family
• Roasting
• Slow cooking and braising
• Bread

Just to name a few! We use 1/2 fire bricks for the dome, full depth fire bricks for the base and a double layer of ceramic insulation to create the correct amount of thermal mass and retain heat over a longer period. This is critical in order to cook longer, slower meals such as roasts and baking bread.


Cooking surface dimension: 850mm
Opening diameter: 510mm
Height: 1100mm
Depth: 1100mm
Width: 1100mm
Weight: 960kg